Disney Discovery- Beauty and the Beast stained glass watch

Is Daylight Savings still kicking you in the booty? This switch in extended evening daylight and morning darkness has been making me feel like I am running perpetually early or late! Not to mention, it’s making rising in the morning seem like even MORE of a chore.

We have found a beautiful (and beastly?) watch to keep your tale as old as time and NOT be running late for a very important date a la the White Rabbit. This watch is totally apropos and on trend with the upcoming live action Beauty & the Beast Hollywood film debut.

Today’s Disney Discovery is the Beauty & the Beast stained glass watch.

The watch comes in a collectible tin and is a piece of artwork itself. It is beautifully gold plated and features a rim of rhinestones for pizazz. The face of the watch features a stained glass rendering of Belle and her Prince. There’s nothing beastly about this watch!

If you love the Beauty & the Beast stained glass watch as much as we do, shop the watch HERE for $70. Happy shopping, fashionistas!

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