Disney Discovery- Code Namers Disney Family Edition

The Carolinas are prepping for Hurricane Florence. And you know what pairs well for hurricane parties? Yummy snacks and old school games. After all, if the power goes, so do all of your prized electronics’ batteries eventually.

And if you’re not hunkering down in a hurricane bunk, you, too, can get in on this game fun ’cause it’s a nice change from the regular ole Netflix and video games.

Today’s Disney Discovery is the Code Namers Disney Family Edition.

This game favorite is now a game changer with the Disney Family Edition. This game is suitable for ages 8+, 2-8+ players, with minimum play time of 15 minutes.

How it works: two designated “cluemasters” provide one-word clues to help a teammate identify characters, items, or locations. I thought giving clues without using the title or word was tricky enough, but using a ONE word clue to get across the point?! Now, that’s a brain exercise!

If you love the Code Namers Disney Family Edition as much as we do, shop for it HERE for $16. Happy shopping, fashionistas! (and if you are in the midst of Hurrican Florence like we are, stay safe!)

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