Disney Discovery- Disney Character Wall Clock

Recently, my Disney wall clock in the kitchen died a horrible death. I’d had it for quite some time so it wasn’t overly shocking but it was still sad. Of course, this just gives me a new mission! I need a new Disney wall clock to display proudly. Today’s Disney discovery is a Disney character wall clock.

I like this Disney character wall clock for a few reasons. One: it does the job! Two: it’s adorable! Three: I have never seen it before. Four: the price is awesome! All of these reasons combined make this a prime candidate for my next wall clock.

I love how vibrant the colors are and how the numbers are obvious. We have small children in the house and this is a fantastic clock to learn and practice telling time on. The fact that there is a wide assortment of Disney characters means that everyone in the household is bound to like at least one character on the clock. No fighting!

This Disney character wall clock is a great deal at $14.95. It’s a lot more affordable than the last one I had, I can tell you that! If you are in need of a great Disney wall clock (or just in want), you can find this one HERE. Happy shopping, fashionistas!


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