Disney Discovery- Disney Life Vinyl Decal

Pumpkin decorating is a whole new playing field since when I was younger.

More often than not, you rarely see people actually carve into pumpkins these days. There’s a lot of mess and work that goes into carving – but man, if I don’t love the roasted pumpkin seeds that come of it!

Options are endless for decorating pumpkins – rhinestones, glitter, paint pens, stickers, stencils…or vinyl decals!

Today’s Disney Discovery is the Disney Life vinyl decal you can decorate your pumpkin with – or stick to your laptop, car, water bottle… you name it!

We are just 19 days shy of the best day (in my mind) of the year!

If you are as much a visual person as I am, see below what your finished pumpkin may look like.

Applying the decal isn’t as tricky and requiring of perfection as it is on laptops and whatnot. Just adhere it to the side of the pumpkin and smooth along with your hand or a credit card as you typically would with a decal.

What do you think fashionistas? Do you love the Disney Life vinyl decal as much as we do? Would you put it on your season’s pumpkin or stick it to your laptop or water bottle?

Let us know in the comments below and shop for the vinyl decal HERE. Happy shopping, fashionistas!

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