Disney Discovery- Disney Traditions Nightmare Before Christmas Sculpture by Jim Shore

That reprieve from the hot, humid 90s is in the air, fashionistas. Can you feel it in the faint breeze? Now, for us east coasters, we’re still experiencing the 90s but cooler mornings are promising for cooler temps to come. Hopefully. Maybe?

On the East Coast, it seems to be that the weather takes a turn for the cooler at Halloween time. I have distinct childhood memories of being beside myself because the cooler weather would require me to wear a jacket or hoodie, thus cramping my Halloween spirit and covering my impeccable costume.

With September soon and oh so quickly coming to a close, all-things Halloween are up ahead for October as we turn a new leaf.

Today’s Disney Discovery is the Disney Traditions Nightmare Before Christmas Sculpture by Jim Shore.


This statue, like Jim Shore’s other creations, is a sculpted masterpiece with inspiration drawn from quilting, rosemaling, and tole painting.

The stone resin statue features The Nightmare Before Christmas gang in a folk art style, with an incredible sense of detail.

I appreciate and love how this statue features the entire gang, as most Nightmare merchandise features just Jack and Sally – whom I LOVE, but I love me some Lock, Shock, and Barrel as well as Zero. That alone makes it a must-buy for your Halloween decor. The only individual MIA is the Oogie Boogie Man, probably off stirring up trouble.

If you love the Disney Traditions Nightmare Before Christmas Sculpture by Jim Shore as much as we do, shop for it HERE for $72. Happy shopping, fashionistas!

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