Disney Discovery- Epcot Geometric Backpack

The best thing about travel is… it can be as expensive or cheap as you allow it to be.

You can take a staycation in your city of residence, or you can go abroad for a true getaway thousands of miles away.

Some of us love to experience new cultures, new foods, new environments, while others like to tip-toe. Some like to travel via car only, some like to expedite travel via airplane. You have to find your comfort zone.

Today’s Disney Discovery is the Epcot Geometric Backpack.

This find is inspired by a getaway to my favorite park attraction – Epcot. And all you have to fork over is the price of the bag – no cost for park ticket, no plane ride or gas money. Sign me uppppp!

This multi-colored, holographic-esque geometric backpack is inspired by Spaceship Earth. It comes in a multitude of color options.

And another cooler featured – it appears differently in different lighting!

If you love the Epcot Geometric Backpack as much as we do, shop for it HERE for $28. Happy shopping, fashionistas!

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