Disney Discovery- Halloween Nail Decals

I know it’s only September but I have been bitten by the Halloween Pumpkin King. JK – I’ve been plotting my Halloween streak since Nov. 1, 2016. That’s just how much I loooove the holiday.

Today’s Disney Discovery are the Disney Halloween nail decals.

For just $5 you get 57 clear nail decals, including eight different designs of various sizes. You can decorate all five fingers in the same design or switch it up by alternating decals.

Applying the decals is super easy! You just need a few tools on hand, like tweezers to held with placement, scissors (I recommend sewing scissors for their tiny size), a paper towel, bowl of water, top coat nail polish, and a bit of patience.

I am a mess when it comes to painting my nails so FORGET trying to do my own polka dots or anything more intricate like a Halloween – it would turn into a blobby blob. But with these uber cute decals, I can pop them on with nail polish or just clear polish and I’m instantly decked out.

If you love the Disney Halloween nail decals as much as we do, shop for them HERE. Happy shopping, fashionistas!

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