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Disney Discovery- Magic Motion Mickey Mouse Lamp

Magic Motion Mickey Mouse Lamp

I have a Disney-themed home office, and I have been looking for a gorgeous lamp to complete the look.  I think this Magic Motion Mickey Mouse Lamp might just be the one!  There are so many magical details to explore, so let’s dive right in!

Magic Motion Mickey Mouse Lamp

First I have to point out the gorgeous vintage feel of the lamp.  I feel like this lamp would look fabulous in any room of the home, but I’m imagining it next to a big comfy leather chair and fireplace!

Magic Motion Mickey Mouse Lamp Magic Motion Mickey Mouse Lamp

Now for the details!  The amazing striped lampshade is secured to the lamp with a hidden Mickey at the top!  The lampshade also features the words “It all started with a mouse…”  Once you turn the lamp on, you will see Mickey Mouse and his signature magically appear on the lampshade!  This fabulous watermark style detail adds even more magic to this lamp!

Magic Motion Mickey Mouse Lamp

The main body of the lamp is Mickey Mouse himself with a vintage movie reel under his arm!  He is gesturing upward as if to show off all of the magic that began with him!

Magic Motion Mickey Mouse Lamp Magic Motion Mickey Mouse Lamp

The mirrored base he is standing on is a working praxinoscope, which means that as you spin the outer ring, the still images reflected in the mirror appear to move!  Any Mickey Mouse fan would be proud to have this gorgeous, and useful, piece of art!

If you would like to purchase this amazing Magic Motion Mickey Mouse Lamp, you can find it HERE!

Do you know someone who would love to receive this magical lamp as a gift?  Let us know in the comments below!

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