Disney Discovery- Mermaid Tail Keychain

What’s your spirit animal, fashionistas? Is it a funny monster like Mike Wazowski? Is it a crazy alien like Lilo? How about a mermaid like Ariel?

The world is yours. And yes, YES! You can be part of that world, wanderin’ free like Ariel herself.

Today’s Disney Discovery is the Mermaid Tail Keychain.


This jeweled mermaid tail keychain adds a bit of bling to your bags, as well as a nod to our mermaid princess Ariel.

I’m usually a less-is-more kinda gal, resisting extra bells and whistles to decrease clutter and bulk. When it comes it keychains, I usually reserve them for, well, my keys! And even then, I only feature one.

But just to remind you (and myself) – keychains can be utilized as zipper-pulls, as well. So clip one onto your make-up pouch, backpack, purse strap, you name it!

If you love the Mermaid Tail Keychain as much as we do, shop for it HERE for $10. Happy shopping, fashionistas.

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