Disney Discovery- Minnie Mouse Travel Pillow

I travel a lot. I am betting that many of you travel a lot, as well. I can never get quite as comfortable on a plane as I would like. My husband is always telling me that it looks like my neck is about to break when I fall asleep because it is rolling all over the place. Perhaps those days are done, now that I have found today’s Disney discovery! Today’s Disney discovery is a Minnie Mouse travel pillow.

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You always see people with their travel pillows and they always look so comfortable when they are sleeping or resting on the plane. I want to be one of those people. I can’t do anything without showing my Disney Side so the Minnie Mouse travel pillow is the perfect option for me! It really just looks like plushes turned into travel pillows. It’s almost like a two in one. Now, if you still have that reliable stuffed animal you travel with, you can combine it into one and bring the Minnie travel pillow with you instead! Great idea, right?

I have stopped and looked at travel pillows in the airport ( I know this isn’t the best place to start looking for them) and they are so expensive. These are not! Minnie Mouse is $18.86. You can find it HERE if interested! Happy traveling, fashionistas!


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