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Disney Discovery- Mickey car organizer

I may not yet have kids to race around town, but when it came to getting a new car in 2015, I knew I wanted to upgrade my sedan to an SUV to allow more space. Since this investment, at times my car has almost functioned as a second home just because I’ve got the space to spare. I’m embarrassed to say how much “stuff” I’ve accumulated in my car with no purpose! Trash, various papers, gum, you name it.

I have put off organizing my car’s nicknacks until NOW! I’ve found the perfect (and stylish) solution.

Today’s Disney Discovery is the Mickey car organizer.

Whether you’ve got a little to organize…

Or a lot…

This “back seat” organizer’s got you covered, or shall we say… Mickey’s hand will hold you over! With enough pockets to pack it all away, this organizer rolls out further and tucks away for light storage.

If you’re like me and don’t generally have a lot of people in your vehicle, you can easily flip this organizer and make it a “front seat” organizer so nothing clutters the passenger seat and passenger seat floor space.

No more rummaging in your bottomless Mary Poppins purse for that 21 cents for your McDonald’s cone; simply house a small coin purse in one of the Mickey pockets and you can be enjoying your cone stress-free. Other thoughts on what to pack to be prepared: Wet ones for little ones’ grubby hands or melted messes, hand sanitizer, hair spray, bobby pins, gum and mints, a few bucks cash for cash-only parking at venues, pens, paper, and extra phone chargers.

If you love the Mickey back/front seat organizer as much as we do, shop it HERE for $38. Happy shopping, fashionistas!

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