Disney Discovery- Mickey Car Sunshade


If you’ve ever gotten into a car in the middle of the summer, you know what it’s like to burn your buns on a scalding hot seat!  This Mickey Car Sunshade will help you avoid that problem while also adding a little pixie dust to your vehicle!  How could anyone walk past this adorable sunshade without smiling!?


This two-piece sunshade will keep your seats and steering wheel feeling cool while keeping your car looking cool!  When you’re not using it, this sunshade easily folds back into a small circle.  It is made to fit in the pocket of your door when not in use!  Just pop each piece out when you’re ready to use it!


The print on this sunshade is absolutely fabulous!  It features Mickey Mouse and his wide range of emotions!  Who would want a plain silver sunshade when you can have one covered in adorable Mickeys?  I smile just looking at it, so I’m sure you will too!  It even comes with an air freshener!

If you would like to purchase this adorable Mickey Car Sunshade, you can find it HERE for $19.99! discovery

disj y car decor


Would you use this sunshade in your car?  Let us know in the comments below!

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