Disney Discovery- Mickey Monday Vibes t-shirt

Got a case of the Mondays? It’s back to work after a long (yeah right, it flew by!), relaxing (yeah right, gotta catch up on all those chores and must-do’s you’ve been putting off!) weekend.

A little bit of Mickey and a cup of joe will prep you for that Monday grind.

Today’s Disney Discovery is the Mickey Monday Vibes t-shirt.


This t-shirt comes in various colors, including baby blue, red, royal blue, white, and grey.

Think it’s just a shirt to be worn on Mondays? Think again! It can be worn anytime during the weekend to let the world know that you’re NHFT (not here for this) Monday.

This t-shirt also pairs well with the Mickey track pants we recently featured as a Disney Discovery, to be worn as an athleisure or gymwear look.

If you love the Mickey Monday Vibes t-shirt as much as we do, shop for it HERE for $20. Happy shopping, fashionistas!


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