Disney Discovery- Mickey Mouse Baking Set

Do you fancy yourself a baker, fashionistas?

Or more of a taste-tester? The thing about baking vs. cooking is that it’s more of a precise science. For Type As like myself, who follow directions to a tee, never straying and varying details find baking to be no-stress. A good cook does not equate to a good baker, and vice-versa.

Whether you follow Duncan Hines’ and Pillsbury’s directions or some of your own, having the right tools on hand is the first to-do.

Today’s Disney Discovery is the Mickey Mouse Baking Set.

This baking set is a perfect gift for any basic to all-star baker in your life, be it you or a lucky friend.

This set includes six pieces: red silicone Mickey potholder, red whisk with Mickey handle, Mickey measuring cup, a Mickey ring of black, red, and white measuring spoons; a Mickey cookie cutter, and a black silicone winking Mickey spatula with Mickey handle.

Let’s get to baking!

If you love the Mickey Mouse Baking Set as much as we do, shop for it HERE for $25. Happy shopping, fashionistas.