Disney Discovery- Mickey Mouse Fondue Fountain

I love all the different Disney kitchen items I have shared with you all but I found a new one that might not be new to you but is certainly new to me! I am a lover of all things chocolate and this ¬†will let me have my love of chocolate and love of Disney combined. Today’s Disney discovery is a Mickey Mouse chocolate fountain.

2016-04-08 02_31_53-Amazon.com_ Disney DCM-50 Mickey Mouse Chocolate Fountain, Red_ Kitchen & Dining

Do you like to have chocolate fondue? I always thought it would be too hard to do at home so I have enjoyed mine at the Melting Pot. Now, after seeing this, I am thinking it’s worth a shot at home! This has great reviews and is apparently really easy to use. The Mickey ears and pants really make me feel like I am eating from a very large kitchen sink (those of you who have a had Mickey pants kitchen sink sundae, you know what I mean).

I would assume that something like this would cost a fortune but this is crazy affordable. You can get this Mickey Mouse chocolate fountain for only $35! If you love it as much as I do, you can find it HERE. Happy shopping!

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