Disney Discovery- Mickey Mouse Onesie

Growing up, I remember hating onesie pajamas due to my ability to get overheated over night. The times have changed, and now onesies are envogue – even if they dial up the heat!

I noticed an onslaught of onesie wearers last Halloween as an easy and comfy way to trick or treat.

Halloween can often mark the transition to colder temps, so a onesie is ideal to maintain warmth without a jacket clouding your costume. I like, too, the idea that you’re getting your money’s worth – you’re not just purchasing a costume for Halloween, you get pajamas you can wear again and again, not just one day of the year!

Today’s Disney Discovery is the Mickey Mouse onesie.

This onesie features mouse ears on the hood so you don’t have to awkwardly tell people, “I’m a mouse…duh!” 

The onesie features bold red sleeves for contrast with the All-American vintage Mickey palette of monotones and a zip front for quick bathroom trips.

If you love the Mickey Mouse onesie as much as we do, shop for it HERE for $40. Happy shopping, fashionistas!

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