Disney Discovery- Mickey Mouse Single-Serve Coffee Maker

Early mornings aren’t so bad when they begin with Mickey…and, well, coffee, don’tcha think? I know it!

Make your morning routine less blue and more RED, black, and white!

Today’s Disney Discovery is the Mickey Mouse Single-Serve Coffee Maker.

For only $18, you get not only a single-serve coffee machine but an oh-so adorable ceramic Mickey mug with which to drink away your early morning woes.

In a similar Keurig fashion, this coffee machine makes one cup at a time and touts a 14 oz. water reservoir. Unlike the Keurig, however, you cannot use pods; you will have to use old school coffee beans – which isn’t really the end of the world. I find ground coffee beans, brewed in an old-school coffee pot to be more potent and flavorful than that of my Keurig.

This maker’s included filter basket and drip tray are removable for easy cleaning.

If you love the Mickey Mouse Single-Serve Coffee Maker as much as we do, shop for it HERE for $18. Happy shopping, fashionistas!

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