Disney Discovery- Mickey True Wallet

As I get older, I realize it’s helpful to own multiples of certain items.

Take the pantry, for instance. If you consume a food item on a regular basis, might as well stock up for when you inevitably run out to avoid a run out to the store.

What other areas of life call for multiples? BAGS and wallets. Yes, fashionistas, I’m giving you an excuse to be a bag lady! Between international vs. domestic flights to weekend get-aways vs. overnighters to day trips vs. work days and casual vs. formal, unfortunately there’s no one-bag suits all. Buttttt having multiples prevents the need to remove all items from one to toss into the next bag.

Us women have a tendency to overload our wallets of cards and unlooked-at receipts. Wouldn’t it be nice to unload by unloading and only packing the essentials for your next get-away?

Today’s Disney Discovery is the Mickey True Wallet.

This faux leather wallet is packed with Mickey charm.

From the gold embroidered Mickey ears, to the classic Mickey print on the backside, to the gold zipper, and the slots on slots on slots for all of your card & change needs, this wallet is truly golden. The monochrome and pop of red will allow for easy pairing with any bag you may have on hand!

There’s a party in the back with the classic Mickey pattern print.

The wallet boasts enough slots for all of your ID cards and credit cards, as well as a pouch for lingering change.

If you love the Mickey True Wallet as much as we do, shop for it HERE for $28+ shipping. Happy shopping, fashionistas!

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