Disney Discovery- Minnie and Ice Cream Meow Hut

Don’t forget about your other family members this holiday season, fashionistas.

I’m talking about your fur fam! Personally speaking, I’ve already stalked up on Bocce’s Bakery goodies – gingerbread cookies, Nutcracker Crunch, Shepherd’s Pie treats, you name it, for my lil 3lb fluffball pup Millie.

Today’s Disney Discovery is the Minnie and Ice Cream Meow Hut.


Don’t let the “Meow” in the name fool you. This cute Minnie pet bed does not discriminate species. It would be perfect for any small breed dog (as featured in the photo) or cat.

This bed is said to accommodate your furry friends up to 15 lbs. It comes in a fuzzy, cozy pink micro plush with a contrast white Minnie bow. Inner cushion adds extra comfort for any pooch or feline and is easy to clean, as it is both removable and reversible!

In the past, I have bought my Millie cutesy beds, shaped like tents, shaped like pineapples…and she never goes in them no matter the size. But hey, at least the attempt was there and whatever the case, they make for cute floor candy.

If you love them as much as we do, shop for it HERE for $35. Happy shopping, fashionistas!

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