Disney Discovery- Minnie Mademoiselle Pillow Cover

Beauty sleep is a necessity if you want to be at your best fashionista-self.

If you’re rocking under-eye bags instead of a Chanel bag then, we’ve got some talking to do, fashionistas.

Today’s Disney Discovery is the Minnie Mademoiselle pillow cover.


A  night’s good sleep, in my opinion, comes down to your linens and over-all environment. If you make your bedscape inviting enough, you’ll fool your brain into WANTING to wind down, wanting to curl up in beautifully made-up bed. Aside from that, it’s all about ambiance – dark-enough, cool enough.

This Mademoiselle Minnie pillow cover would be a fitting accent pillow for a beautiful bedscape. I’m thinking subtle pops of red, with a dominance of black and white, maybe pops of lace or eyelet. Parisienne Minnie is posed with hand on hip, smizing (she must’ve taken Tyra Banks’ America’s Next Top Model lessons) with rouged cheeks.

If you love the as much as we do, shop for it HERE for $7. Happy shopping, fashionistas.

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