Disney Discovery- Napolex Mickey Mini Hooks

Have too much STUFF cluttering your counters?

Tired of those unsightly wires for your charger, laptop, etc. creating a knot and web?

Mickey can lend you a hand. He’s got the solution for you!

Today’s Disney Discovery is a pair of Napolex Mickey Mini Hooks.

This set of mini hooks is made to be mounted in various places of choice, using the sticky back. There are infinite possibilities to suit your needs.

Tack one to your nightstand to keep that finicky phone charger cable in place, use it to hold hair ties (as pictured).

Note: certain items (like a set of keys) may be too heavy for these hooks.

The mini hooks are a subtle but obvious nod to Mickey. Mickey will keep a hand on all of your stuff.

If you love the Napolex Mickey Mini Hooks as much as we do, shop for them HERE for $17. Happy shopping, fashionistas!

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