Disney Discovery- Peeking Mickey Rain Jacket

Are you over April’s showers and ready for May’s flowers, or heck – even just May sunshine?

While I am hopeful we are on the tail end of monsoons to get us to those pretty petunias, I’m not naive to NOT be prepared. Maybe it’s the Girl Scout instincts in me! You ought to be prepared, too, fashionistas.

Today’s Disney Discovery is the Peeking Mickey Rain Jacket.


What I love about this jacket is that it’s anything but boring! It would have been easy – too easy – for the buttons and hood drawstring to be black as the jacket itself. But this jacket’s beauty comes down to the details: the RED pop buttons and the red hood drawstring.

The rain puddles are no terror when you’ve got Mickey in tow with you! Peeking from the left pocket, Mickey’s along for the ride.

The hood of the jacket will keep you dry, while also lending style with its lining – a cream, black, and white comic-like Mickey pattern.

The longer length of this jacket, too, ought to keep you dry and warm while Mother Nature tries to figure out the weather.

If you love the Peeking Mickey Rain Jacket as much as we do, shop for it HERE for $30. Happy shopping, fashionistas.

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