Disney Discovery- Pixar Serving Tray and Knife Set

Serving Set

Although I’m not a great cook, I love making the things I do cook look adorable!  This Pixar Serving Tray and Knife Set is the perfect way to add a little Disney magic to any dish!  How adorable would it be to display some fancy cheese on this tray!?

Serving Set


This three-piece set includes a rubberwood and bamboo base with recessed sections to hold the tempered glass tray and stainless steel knife!  The knife is perfect for cheese because it has holes in the blade so that cheese won’t stick to it!  It also has a fork tip to make it easier to pick up your cheese!  The really amazing part of this adorable set is the detailing on the underside of the glass.  The adorable checkerboard pattern features some of our favorite Disney/Pixar Characters!  This set will definitely be the talk of your next party.

If you would like to purchase this adorable Pixar Serving Tray and Knife Set, you can find it HERE for $50.25!

What would you serve on this pixie-dusted tray?  Let us know in the comments below!

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