Disney Discovery- Queen of Cases It’s A Small World Backpack

Disney has a way of ingraining quotes and songs in our minds and our hearts.

Disney parks, too, have a way of doing that. “It’s a Small World” is akin to some as “The Song that Never Ends”, as once it’s in your head, good luck on getting it out!

In the case of “It’s a Small World” though, that’s one we don’t mind as the song brings up childhood nostalgia and reminds us of a melting pot, where all cultures coexist and get along.

Today’s Disney Discovery is the Queen of Cases It’s A Small World Backpack.


This mini backpack is a party on your back! Check out this technicolor dream! It’s A Small World clocks are traditionally the sky blue, gold, and white, but venture inside on the gondola ride and you’ll see the colorful dolls and sets. This bag is inspired by just that.

This backpack is sized a bit larger than some of the other mini backpacks you have seen; it measures 16.5″ high x 12″ wide, allowing you to pack some books, your planner, and other go-to’s. It is constructed of durable canvas fabric, which is non-fading and non-toxic so the beautiful colors are here to stay.

If you love the Queen of Cases It’s A Small World Backpack as much as we do, shop for it HERE for $58. Happy shopping, fashionistas!

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