Disney Discovery- Rose Gold Ohana Bracelet

I am still obsessed with rose gold. It’s a fact. This rose gold Ohana bracelet is not helping diminish my obsession! Today’s Disney discovery is a rose gold Ohana bracelet.


I am fully admitting that this is not a Disney licensed piece of jewelry but doesn’t it remind you of Lilo and Stitch? Anything with this flower symbol and the word Ohana screams Lilo and Stitch to me.

This bracelet does come in silver but that doesn’t help with my rose gold obsession. It’s perfect for those fashionistas that aren’t obsessed, however.

Let’s talk price. This bracelet is only $15.99. Isn’t that a steal of a deal? You can find this gem HERE.

I wish I had found this during the holidays because it would have made a great stocking stuffer! I’m thinking it would make a fab gift for someone you care about on Valentine’s Day, though!

What do you think, fashionistas? Is this bracelet going to be a part of your jewelry Ohana?

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