Disney Discovery- Sparkly Rose Gold Glitter Sneakers

If you love fashion, you may be of the mindset that you should either go big or go home. I feel like Rose Gold glitter sneakers might fall into that category. I don’t know that I care because I love anything that sparkles! Today’s Disney discovery is a pair of Rose Gold sneakers and do they sparkle!


I was deeply involved in the Rose Gold movement of last year that continues to this very moment. I have the Spirit Jersey and the ears and the backpack and the jewelry. I may have gone overboard but I love every single thing. I pair my Spirit Jersey with a pair of leggings from LuLaRoe that I have had for a couple of years (and cannot part with) but I don’t have the perfect pair of shoes.

Enter Rose Gold sneakers! These sneakers are just the perfect touch to add to my rose gold ensemble. The price doesn’t hurt, either. At $15 with free shipping, it’s totally worth the risk! Don’t you agree?

I am thinking of all the looks I can put together with these Rose Gold glitter sneakers. I can wear these with jeans and a top that doesn’t have Rose Gold. It could be the glitter element! You can find them HERE.

What do you think of these Rose Gold glitter sneakers?


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