Disney Discovery- Superga x Disney Mickey Leather Shoe

Fashionistas, you know the old saying “take a mile in my shoes”?

Next time someone uses that adage on you, you can pipe back with “well, what shoes are we talkin’?” Because let’s face it, shoes can make or break an outfit.

Today’s Disney Discovery is the Superga x Disney Mickey Leather Shoe.


These shoes are a blend of Chuck Taylors and Kate Spade x Keds, packing both style and classic tradition. Don’t be fooled – those are not polka dots! They are mini black Mickey heads.

As an accent, these leather sneakers feature gold lace rivets and a Mickey Mouse brand label at the heel of the shoes.

These shoes are perfect for bopping around town for errands, or around the parks.

If you love the Superga x Disney Mickey Leather Shoe as much as we do, shop for it HERE for $71. Happy shopping, fashionistas!

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