Disney Discovery- The Game of Life: Haunted Mansion Edition

With the holidays quickly approaching, you’ll need something to keep you occupied and from going stir crazy after all of the catching up from the past year(s).

Family members in such close quarters for multiple days on end can often lead to kooky times.

And whether you’re hosting or attending another’s home, a sure bet (that is often forgotten in the mix of Netflix, Disney+ and Hulu) is always a game. Perhaps games are forgotten because they require that much more attention and effort than vegging with Netflix and Hulu?

Today’s Disney Discovery is The Game of Life: Haunted Mansion Edition.

The Game of Life is arguably one of the most approachable games for all ages, right up there with Monopoly.

This Haunted Mansion adds a spin on the classic and combines two of my favorite things in one game. You see, this isn’t just a game of Life. This is a game of AFTER-LIFE, which incorporates the fun of Disneyland Paris Haunted Mansion. Though this game is a treat, it comes with tricks, too. The game takes place on the grounds of Master Gracey’s haunted estate, offering trials and tribulations as your spirit navigates the world of ghosts amongst you in your quest. To win and become the 1,000 ghost of the Haunted Mansion, arrive at the Final Resting Place with the most accumulated screams.

If you love The Game of Life: Haunted Mansion Edition as much as we do, shop for it HERE for $69. Happy shopping, fashionistas!

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