Disney Ink And Paint Collection Has Splashed Into The Disney Parks

Disney Ink And Paint Collection

The new Disney Ink and Paint Collection is the latest Disney Parks craze! This stunning new collection is inspired by classic Disney animation and features some of our most beloved characters. We’ve already seen the incredible Ink and Paint Minnie ears, but there is also so much more now available too!

The collection is inspired by classic Disney animation, but more specifically Walt’s nine famed Disney animators. These famed core animators were also dubbed the Nine Old Men by Walt Disney. The new merchandise collection features sketch designs of classic characters, swathed with a brushstroke of color to make them pop. There are so many things too, from apparel to novelties!

Magnetic Keepsakes

One item that really highlights the style of this collection is the magnet and easel set. It comes with three magnets that look like half painted canvases.  The canvas feature Alice, Mickey, and Lady & the Tramp. Plus they also come with a display easel, which is just the cutest thing ever.

Another magnet is a light-up painter’s palette. The palette has a sketched hand holding paintbrushes, with Sorcerer Mickey in the middle. Each colorful paint daub also has a sketch of another Disney character within it!

Artistic Plush

Another item that captures the spirit of the collection is the blank Mickey plush! This plush is a blank canvas ready for you to create your own artistic masterpiece!

Continuing with the plush trend is these fun mystery plush! These colorful Sorcerer Mickey plush come in mystery paint cans! Each paint can contains a Mickey plush in one of five colors.

They’re quite a good size too, I was surprised to see how large they were outside of the small can!

Splashy Apparel and Accessories

There are several apparel items to show off your ink and paint love with too! Not only are there several t-shirts, but there is also a Spirit Jersey! Unfortunately, the Spirit Jersey just arrived at Walt Disney World, and has already flown off the shelves! They can be found in a couple of spots sporadically but with very minimal sizes.

Of course, we’ll need to accessorize our new painted apparel! There is an assortment of backpacks and totes available in this stunning new collection. We’re loving the cinch backpack that features the iconic Cinderella castle.

At first glance, this paint tube might look like a plush, or toy.

However, it is actually a pouch! It is perfect for carrying small essentials, makeup, or even pencils. The pouch is made to look like a classic tube of paint, and of course, it comes in the iconic Mickey Red!

You can also enjoy the 12 days of socks any time of the year! The animated collection features beloved characters from many great classic films. I am actually quite excited about this collection, and can’t wait to see what the socks inside look like! 12 Days of socks can be used to count down to any occasion too. You can even use them as an exciting way to countdown to a Disney trip!

This is only the beginning of the incredible new Disney Ink And Paint Collection! We’ve even seen there is a whole line of kitchen goodies already at Disneyland! So stay tuned as we discover more artistic finds!

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