Disney Ink and Paint Flatware Set Now Available At Disney Parks

The Disney Ink and Paint collection has taken Disney fans by storm! It seems like every day a new piece pops up, just like the Disney Ink and Paint Flatware Set we recently found! This set is the perfect addition to any Disney inspired kitchen.

The set is a 20 piece collection of flatware. Each handle looks like it resembles the point of a color pencil. The “wooden” handles are also “dipped” in various paint colors to keep things whimsical. As you may have guessed, the collection also pairs wonderfully with the rest of the Ink and Paint assortment.

Disney Ink and Paint Flatware

The set comes with five different flatware styles, and there are also four of each style. You’ll find a large spoon, small spoon, large fork, small fork,  and butter knife! The set retails for $75.00, and can also be found throughout the Disney Parks and resorts.

Disney Ink and Paint Flatware

Personally, I’ve been looking to redo my kitchen for a while! This new flatware set may be the perfect excuse! Honestly how amazing would a Disney Ink and Paint inspired kitchen look? All of the bright colors would be sure to match any already existing kitchen decor as well!

Will you be adding the Disney Ink and Paint Flatware set to your collection?

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