Disney Princes Never Smelled So Good

Okay, let’s have some girl talk for a minute. Have you ever pictured yourself snuggled up to one of the Disney Princes? Do you have particular Disney guy who has always made your heart pitter patter? Sure, I know that these guys are actually just cartoons, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t love them all the same, right?

Now you can bring home your favorite Disney Prince with these charming candles from PrettyLittleTeaShop on Etsy! All of our favorite Princes are represented (even Prince Adam!), and I can guarantee that the Disney Princes have never smelled so good!

All candles come in a range of sizes and pricing starts at just $4.53!


The Aladdin inspired candle has notes of golden sands and dessert fruits. You don’t have to go all the way to Agrabah to find this either, you can get it HERE.

Shang Li

Shang Li may be a tough commander, but he has a soft side too! That’s why his candle is scented with sugar and spice. Bring honor to your home and get it HERE.

Prince Eric

Just like Eric’s seaside palace, this candle is scented with sea breeze. Swim on over to Etsy to get it HERE.

John Smith

John Smith has an adventurous spirit and this candle is scented with musk and rock salt. Travel to new worlds by getting it HERE.

Prince Naveen

Notes of oranges and lemons run through this Prince Naveen inspired candle. You can get it HERE.

Flynn Rider

Flynn Rider is an outdoorsy type of guy and this candle reflects that with scents of sage and fresh cut grass. You can find it HERE.

Prince Charming

Prince Charming was born into royalty and you can live the high life with him with this champagne scented candle. Pop a bottle and get it HERE.

Prince Adam

Prince Adam and his enchanted rose are a tale as old as time! This candle is scented with roses to fill your home with fairy tale vibes. You can find it HERE.

Prince Philip

I saved the best prince (in my opinion) for last! Prince Philip has always been my Disney crush and this candle scented with patchouli and sandalwood is a must-have for me. You can get it HERE.

Which Disney Prince will soon be scenting your home? Let me know in the comment section below.

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Monica V

Monica lives in Ann Arbor, MI. She is a former Disney Cast Member (via the Disney College Program Fall 2011) and a current Disney Addict.
Monica V