Disney Shoe Lace Charms Add A Little Magic To Your Step

Disney Shoelace Charms

Get ready to add a little magic to your step! We spotted these fun new Disney Shoe Lace Charms, that are perfect for adding an extra bit of pixie dust. These are cute little charms that are inspired by Disney characters, and icons, that also slide onto the laces of your favorite shoes.

Disney Shoelace Charms

They are available in a variety of choices, and also retail for just $9.99 for a set of four. We all love having Disney everything, even shoes! But what if you don’t have the perfect Disney inspired pair? That is where these cuties come in, they are easily attachable, and also removable! If you ever grow bored of one set, simply switch it out for another step! It is like a Fairy Godmother wish come true, but for our shoes! Another great thing they would come in handy for, is traveling! You can bring less shoes, and still dress them up differently each day.

So far we have found four different themes! You can currently choose from charms inspired by Mickey, Minnie, Monsters INC, and it’s a small world! Each collection contains four sliders inspired by the characters, or icons they represent!

Disney Shoe Lace Charms

You can find these fun new Disney Shoe Lace Charms throughout the Walt Disney World Parks and resort now!

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