Disney Store redesign unveiled at D23 Expo 2017

Big news about the Disney Store was revealed at D23 Expo 2017. This marks the Store’s first redesign in 7 years!

The brains of Disney have been hard at work reimagining the next generation of the Disney Store to bring it to a whole different galaxy, if you will.

Disney recognizes that the Store was showcasing Disney but that, too, the Store has so many other stories to share, with Marvel and Star Wars joining the family.

The entrance to the store is more open and inviting with a “character path” that leads to the many stories and families of the Disney brand. The bright lighting and staging of shelves reminds me of GAP.

In the video example, Moana gets her spotlight moment as the current It girl and quintessential summer movie.

The new design was created upon three principles:

Product is the Hero

The store itself will be an extension of the stories, with the products serving as the showcase of the store. That said, actual items for purchase will be showcased on display museum-style.


Disney, Pixar, Star Wars, and Marvel can live anywhere in the store. Say goodbye to the current Disney Store design’s Princess castle that children love sneaking through.

Interactivity and Community

The Disney Store serves as many’s main connection to the brand so it must continue to render that stronghold. The redesign shifts the children’s entertainment area to the back of the store while adding additional features. The crowning and truly magical addition is the livestream feed of Main Street available for all Store attendees to take in without leaving the helm of the store.

What we didn’t learn about was the subtle hint at new cast member costumes. Maybe they will be more so character oriented? Maybe allowing for the wearing of ears to be a character? That would, again, extend the sense of community and build character, if you ask me.

The first store redesign will take place in California, with other stores rolling out in the next year.

What do you think about the news, fashionistas? Are you exciting about the new look and new features?

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