Donald Duck Inspired Shirt To Show I am Ducking Crazy

Nope, that’s not an auto-correct typo in the headline. I really did mean to say DUCKing for once in my life. This Donald Duck inspired shirt is perfect for those who want to tell the world “I am ducking crazy!”

I love a Disney inspired shirt with a sense of humor! We all know that Donald Duck is a prankster and loves to make other people laugh. Plus, let’s be honest – he likes to make himself laugh too! This shirt is perfect for the Disney fan who has a wicked sense of humor and is not afraid of showing it.

This unisex style t-shirt is available in a whole range of different colors. So, not only can you show your humorous side, but you can show off your style personality as well! It’s a great design to wear on the weekends when you just can’t take one more adult-life responsibility and you’re feeling a bit crazy. Okay, maybe I’m talking about myself now – but just a bit!

If you are also feeling Ducking Crazy, head over to FunnyMonkeyJunkie on Etsy HERE to check out this fun Donald Duck inspired design. Pricing starts at $18.74.

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Monica V