Fairytale Princess Fragrance Collection by Demeter

Fairytale Princesses fragrance collection

The unique fragrance library, Demeter is all about designing fragrances inspired by the world around us. Obviously as Disney lovers, fairy tales, and princesses are apart of our world, right? After all, it’s good to be a Princess, and for anyone that’s ever dreamed of being a princess, Demeter has created their own interpretations with this Fairytale Princess fragrance collection.

You’ll find fragrances inspired by four popular and beloved princesses, The Little Mermaid, Cinderella, Snow White, and Belle. Unlike most Demeter fragrances, these are complex, with many elements. And they are more impressionistic – more like traditional prestige fragrances. But in Demeter fashion, in addition to being simply beautiful, these fragrances represent great values-high quality, prestige quality fragrance, at a fraction of the cost. While these are not Disney scents, they are still beautifully inspired creations.

Snow White

The Demeter Snow White fragrance isn’t your typical candied apple scented perfume! They have taken the purity and innocence of Snow White and turned it into turned it a light fresh floral fragrance. Notes of white flowers, with a touch of rose and orange Blossom, are rounded with honey and grapefruit and green leaves for a light delicate scent that is crisp, and cozy.

The Little Mermaid

Many of us always remember The Little Mermaid as her original mermaid self. Mostly because who wouldn’t want to be a mermaid? Demeter crafted her signature scent with ocean inspirations. Demeter’s The Little Mermaid, blends the olfactory spirit of deep, calm water, scented with water lilies.


You can’t help but imagine the glistening enchanted rose, when you think of Beauty and the Beast. For Demeter they imagined Beast’s castle would be filled with the fragrance of rose and fine wood. Those fine and expensive woods are captured and tamed, and then layered with Rose, for a deeper and fuller sophisticated fragrance.


There are so many infamous icons related to Cinderella, such as the glass slipper, pumpkin coach, and even the Fairy Godmother. For Demeter one element stood out, they chose to capture the elegance and sophistication of the Prince’s Party, well before the clock struck midnight. This fragrance is a bright, floral that Demeter promises to be a beautifully balanced and sophisticated fragrance.

All of these sound simply divine, and although the Little Mermaid has always been one of my favorites, the Belle perfume truly has me intrigued! You can find the entire Fairytale Princess fragrance collection on their website here, with prices starting at $6.00 for the mini splash, and $25.00 for full size.

Which of scent from this beautifully crafted Fairytale Princess fragrance collection are you most curious to try? Let us know in the comments which one you would try first.


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