Our Favorite Magical Mickey Balloon Inspired Minnie Ears

Mickey Balloon Inspired Minnie Ears

There is something so nostalgic and happy about Mickey Balloons. Many of us have quite the love and affinity for these beautiful bubbles of magic. To say I’m obsessed with them, would probably be an understatement. So how come I never thought to look for Mickey Balloon Inspired Minnie Ears before?

After a bit of inspiration from our fabulous leading Disney Fashionista, I decided to search for a new pair of balloon inspired ears. Many of the ones I found were UP! inspired, but I did happen upon a few Mickey Balloon ears, and it was very hard to decide on a favorite, so I choose several favorites! Here are my faves, in no particular order.

The Mickey Balloon Ears from Small World Stitches won me over, because they are full of sparkle! Three dazzling balloons are embroidered upon a snow white background of glitter, on each ear. The center is finished off with a holo blue bow, that is just smashing! This is the same designer who makes the awesome glow-in-the-dark Poison Apple Ears too!

The wire Mickey Balloon ears by Bonnies Ears Boutique are brightly colored and easily paired with any outfit. Traditional Mickey shaped balloons sit between the green ears on this extraordinary floral piece. I love the uniqueness the wire balloons lend to these ears.

The darling Mickey Balloon Ears from Shop House Of Mouse stand out to me because of the texture! The two magical Mickey balloons are made from pom poms! These ears are a shiny white satin, back and front with a white sequin trim along the edges. Plus, you get to choose the colors of your pom poms, what an adorable way to make these even more unique.

These vibrant Mickey Balloon ears from Mouse Bands are made with a gorgeous new custom fabric! Doodles of Mickey Balloons float across cornflower blue skies, complete with a matching bow that is accented with rhinestones! Mouse Bands’ ears are also incredibly lightweight and comfortable to wear too.

Imaginex Ears recently shared this sparkling 3D printed ears on their Instagram. These feature glittery balloons floating within the circle of the mouse ear. A gold sequin bow completes the whimsical theme. These aren’t currently available in their shop, but I hope to see them soon!

Which of these Mickey Balloon Inspired Minnie Ears is your favorite? Personally, I don’t know how I will ever choose between them!

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