Get Up to 25% Off The Belle of the Ball Bronze Collection Today Only!

Have you been keeping up with the 12 Days of Magical Deals on shopDisney? Today’s is a doozy! You can get up to 25% off your purchases of $150+ (or 20% of $100+) and that includes the Belle of the Ball Bronze Collection that literally just came out!

This Spirit Jersey is actually quite interesting. The background is black and the writing is bronze. There is a splatter pattern along the bottom of the jersey in the bronze color, as well. It almost looks like paint splashes. It’s a different technique than we have seen on the Spirit Jerseys as of late.

I can’t believe I am saying this but I think this tee is actually more up my alley than the Spirit Jersey! As someone who has almost 50 (yes FIFTY) Spirit Jerseys, this comes as a shocker even to me. I think this tee is adorable and would pair very well with the new leggings!

Speaking of leggings, these are super fun! Leggings are a new release within a color trend collection and I am happy to see the new addition! I am a legging fan so I am picturing these with that tee.

The Loungefly mini backpack is a nice mix of sequins and faux leather.

The mini wristlet has a bit more sparkle to it in my opinion and I think it wins out fave accessory for me.

What’s a new color trend without a new pair of Ears!? I love the huge bronze bow but I almost wish the entire pair was bronze, including the ears. I get that that wouldn’t necessarily be as cohesive as the rest of the black and bronze collection but it would make for a standout piece!

There are a few other items in the collection that are not available online yet but all of the above IS available online and you can apply the magical deal of 20% off $100+ or 25% off $150+ to your purchase. It’s the perfect time to do some shopping! Here’s the clincher, if you are a Disney Chase Visa member you can also stack your 10% off on top of it by using DRVCMEMBER!

You can find all of these items and many many more on shopDisney HERE. If you can’t find this collection just search bronze and it will magically appear.

Are you loving the Belle of the ball bronze collection? How about the great deals on shopDisney? Happy shopping, fashionistas!

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