Glitter Holiday Shirts Perfect For Showing Your Disney Side This Season!

I am gearing up for all the holiday gatherings I have this month. Some of them are fancy but many are not. I need to have some fabulous, casual outfits that will still allow me to get my Disney Side on! I have shared this store with you in the past but it’s worth doing it again because their holiday shirts are some of the best glitter shirts I have seen out there! These glitter holiday shirts are perfect for the season!

I love this reindeer shirt. I know that many times I talk about Christmas but I am fully aware that is not what everyone celebrates. Some of the holiday traditions, like reindeer, are taken on by many different beliefs so I thought this shirt might be good for a wider variety of people. I think the quality of the glitter decals on the shirts from this store are fantastic and this shirt would definitely work at any of my holiday parties!

It’s a little more obvious and must be used for Christmas, but the big bow makes this Christmas lights glitter shirt a must have shirt for me. I am the biggest Minnie Mouse fan! This would also be a great shirt to wear to the Parks during the holiday season! I know it’s Florida but it can get cool! California can be cool enough, as well!

I thought I would go with a shirt that isn’t red because, despite the fact that it is a holiday color, many people don’t like to wear red. This dark grey top compliments red perfectly so the big red bow on the snowflake Minnie Mouse works really well. This is back to one of the designs that works for everyone.

One last one, though there are a ton to choose from. This green Santa Mickey Mouse glitter shirt is perfect for those who still keep the magic of Santa alive! The glittery Mickey is what makes all of these shirts fabulous to me and this one would be fun to wear Christmas eve or day!

The store on Etsy is called BellaDesignsSt1, and they have awesome stuff! They have plus sizes, as well! You need to check it out and get in those orders so you can still enjoy the items during the season! Happy holidays, fashionistas!


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