Glitter Minnie Inspired Heels Coming soon to Primark!!

Glitter Minnie Inspired Heels

If you haven’t seen the Oscar Tiye Minnie-inspired heels yet, you’re really missing out, because they are INCREDIBLE. They are a little hard to get, and cost quite a pretty penny though! The UK brand Primark is here to save the day though, with their own version of the Glitter Minnie Inspired Heels, for only £14 (around $18)!


No word on the official release date yet, and very few details released, but we know they are coming! There will be two colors to choose from, in the same style. The stiletto sandals will be offered in glittered gold and glittered black. Let’s not forget that awesome low price either!

I am thinking that I could fly to the UK, buy these heels and come back for cheaper than the original Oscar Tiye heels! That’s an insane statement… but true.

Are the Glitter Minnie Inspired Heels part of your must have collection?

Source and Photo Credit: Disney Style

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