Going to Miss the Red Head Scene From Pirates of the Caribbean? There’s Commemorative Merchandise!

As a red head, I was quite sad to hear that they are removing the red head auction scene from the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction (I know she will still be around but it’s not the same!). I know it was a bit degrading but it always made me feel special when I heard them say We wants the red head! I’m weird, I guess. Maybe I’m not that weird because a lot of fashionistas are not happy with the change. Disney recognized the opportunity and created a bunch of merchandise to commemorate the red head… and it’s flying off the shelves!

The first to fly off the shelves was this pin. It has been the hardest to find at Disney World and it is also gone at Disneyland. It is In Store only on the Shop Disney Parks App. I have our preferred personal shopper all over this in case they suddenly release more!

Both of these tee shirts were available at Disney Parks and on the App. I say were because the red one doesn’t even appear on the App anymore.

The white tee shirt is still available on the App in size small only, as of this moment. Our preferred personal shopper, Diane at Shop Theme Parks has some in other sizes and you can get them HERE. They are selling like wildfire from what I hear.

This red head inspired Pirate hat is still available on the App as well. I will be honest… not sure what makes this a red head hat. It doesn’t look like the hat she is wearing to me but I digress.

This is the item I want. This is the ornament and they are still at the Parks and on the App, in limited supplies. They are also available HERE, through Shop Theme Parks.  I am not much of a tee shirt girl in general but this ornament is exactly what I need. I love it!

What do you think, fashionistas? Are you going to miss the red head? Let us know your thoughts in the comment box below!


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