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Gold Glitter Mickey Mouse Tumbler Makes Drinking Your Daily Water Fun

If you’re having trouble drinking enough water each day, check out this Gold Glitter Mickey Mouse Tumbler. I try really hard to drink enough water. After all, that life-giving H20 gives us glowing skin, healthy hair, and keeps us hydrated so we can keep shopping.

This glittery gold delight is the perfect motivation for drinking all your water each and every day. After all, every time you finish a glass, you get to carry your tumbler to fill it up again. Let those gold glitter flakes catch the light as you catch some hydration.

Okay. Let’s be honest. This gold glitter tumbler isn’t going to change your life. However, it will add that extra touch of Disney style, glam, and fun to your everyday life. Plus, at less than $25.00, it’s a modest splurge for when you need a fun fall fashion find.

Not only does Mickey Mouse look absolutely dashing on the front of this tumbler, but the back design is great as well. It’s a great touch and nod to my favorite place in the world – Main Street USA.

The tumbler is made with a Champagne Glitter background, with a waterslide Mickey Mouse and Black Glitter Vinyl Decal. Each tumbler is sealed with FDA approved epoxy giving it a smooth, glossy, hard finish. It keeps liquids hot for 3 hours and cold liquids for 9 hours. Take your drinks on the go in style!

Are you ready to take a sip from this Gold Glitter Mickey Mouse Tumbler? Head over to BlueSparrowAU on Etsy HERE to check it out.

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