Gorgeous New Minnie Main Attraction It’s A Small World Collection

Each month I have now eagerly awaited the reveal of the next Minnie Main Attraction collection! I am thrilled that the Minnie Main Attraction It’s A Small World Collection was revealed just before the launch of the UK’s March collection! This continuing collectible series just keeps getting cuter, and cuter each month.

Minnie Main Attraction It's A Small World Collection

We have seen it’s a small world Ears and Loungefly bags before. So I was quite curious to see how they would make these stand out from them. I have to say I am not disappointed at all, and actually quite impressed! They took the beautiful and bright pastels from this attraction and wove them into a beautiful masterpiece. The geometric accents, the clock face, and floral elements from the ride all pop beautifully with each piece in the collection.

As always the collection will include:

  • A pair of Minnie ears
  • Loungefly bag
  • Pin set
  • Mug
  • And a Minnie plush.

Each month the Loungefly bag alternates between a backpack and a fanny pack. March is getting a backpack, so the April collection will have a fanny pack!

**I would also like to make a reminder that the March collection will be online only due to store closures. The April collection was also announced to be online only before the store closure decision was made. So even if the stores do reopen by the April 18th release, please be aware the collection will still only be launched online that month. You’ll find the collection online launches at as usual.**

Are you excited for the Minnie Main Attraction It’s A Small World Collection in April?

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