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This Instagramer Has the Most Incredible Disney Makeup Mashups

Instagram user is a very talented makeup artist. Not only does she have a stunning ability, but she has created the most astonishing Disney Makeup Mashups, I have ever seen. This artist has take the look of a princess, and a villain and done one on each side of her gorgeous face, for a truly beautiful work of art.

Disney Makeup Mashups

Some of the looks have props edited in, but even without them you can totally tell who each character is. Have I mentioned yet how amazing these looks are? Well hold on to your makeup brushes fashionistas, and take a journey into Disney Makeup fantasy!

First up is the Aurora and Maleficent Mashup. She’s contoured Mal’s sharp cheek bones exquisitely, and the pops of green and purple around the lid are simply on point. Her Aurora looks beautifully innocent, and the soft pink plays into a sweet demeanor.

The Snow White and Evil Queen combo is simply wicked! Snow is very simple, and understated with a natural beauty. The Queen however is vampy and edgy with a dash of sparkle.

Although Alice is not a princess in Disney canon, she is a Princess of Heart in Kingdom Hearts, and has also made this mashup collection. The Queen of Hearts is a very pretty twist on the Tim Burton version, with a dash of glitter for her heart shaped lips. Alice has a curious gaze mixed with a little bit of mischievous Cheshire Cat pink on her lid and cheek.

Cinderella is fantastic in this Cindy and Wicked Stepmother look. The white to blue ombré shadow is a perfect node to the glass slippers. The Wicked Stepmother looks alluring and feisty.

The Ariel and Ursula mashup is positively the bubbles! Arie’s iconic color motif is played up on sultry eyes, while Ursula has a tentacle brow, and a sandy purple contour. This one is almost hypnotizing to me.

Lastly we have my favorite Princess, with her antagonist, Mother Gothel. Gothel has edgy eyes, with a wicked eyeliner wing that hints at her having an ulterior motive. Rapunzel is a darling, complete with flowers sprinkling her cheek, and a soft pink and purple shadow that is ready for the best day ever!

That’s all in the Disney Makeup Mashup series by, I really hope she does a second series with other characters and villains one day! Which character would you like to see mashed up with a villain  for a makeup look?

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