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Keep It All Together With This Disney Cruise Line Document Holder

Let’s face it, as fun as traveling is, it’s also stressful. There is just so much you have to hang on to and keep track of! You need your passport, identification, plane tickets, reservation numbers, confirmation pages, brochures, and more! If you’re like me and are constantly scrambling to find the important info while you’re traveling, you have to check out this Disney Cruise Line Document Holder.

This nifty little document holder will become your new travel best-friend. Seriously! Just look at how organized you can be with this handy little travel addition. I love that there is even a place for a pen! Each document holder is 9 x 5.5 inches


Now, I know that traveling is already super expensive. You’re probably thinking that this handy little document holder is just another expense added on to an already expensive vacation, right? Well, think again. This Disney Cruise Line inspired document holder is just $4.00. I’ll go ahead and wait while that sinks it for a minute.

Yes, it’s just $4.00. How great is that? This super affordable discovery is useful and filled with Disney organizational magic! If you are heading on a Disney Cruise, these document holders make absolutely wonderful Fish Extender gifts! What better gift to give your fellow passengers than the gift of organization?

If you’re ready to wrangle the paper, head over to¬†YourWishIsMyCreation on Etsy HERE to check out today’s discovery.

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