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Leslie Kaye on Cakeworthy and Disneybounding at D23 Expo 2017

Founder of DisneyBound.co, aka the creator (if you will) of “Disney bounding“, and co-owner of Cakeworthy, Leslie Kaye, announced official partnership with the Disney Company at the D23 Expo 2017.

Cakeworthy is the company behind those hip unisex flannels with Disney quotes or funny Disney references scrawled in grunge graffiti-like text. A few of my favorites include the Lilo & Stitch I’M SORRY I BIT YOU AND PULLED YOUR HAIR AND PUNCHED YOU IN THE FACE or the THE CHAMBER HAS NO WINDOWS AND NO DOORS Haunted Mansion flannel. The official collaboration with Disney will lend itself to printing of characters and more and more quotes.

Leslie Kaye and the Disney Fashionista, Michelle or should I say Disney bounded Alice and Belle?

As you guessed it, the Disney Bounding queen herself did show up to the panel Disney bounded – as Alice. She played off of her punk-like tattooed style and opted for an adorably vintage, rock-a-billy style Alice.

Kaye revealed she came upon “Disney Bounding” when she was headed to Disney with her family and wished to dress as her Disney characters, imbibing her own style and without being in full costume regalia. From there, “Disney Bounding” took off and became a thing. Now this thing is EVERYWHERE. It was all over D23, seen in so many different ways – a literal interpretation, a side-step interpretation like a vintage or a punk rock style, or mash-up (e.g. Leia meets Belle).

Cakeworthy’s collection will launch in the Fall. Stay tuned for more updates from us, as well as follow @cakeworthy on Instagram.

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