Let’s Clear Up The Confusion About The Annual Passholder “I Am EarHat” Design!

There were more than a few confused faces this morning at the release of the Annual Passholder I am EarHat Dooney and Bourke bag. I am not sure that I can completely clear up that confusion but I am certainly going to try!

i am earhat dooney and bourke

When the new pattern released a few days ago, there were 4 silhouettes available online, including a small tote. It would appear that that particular bag was only available online and was $248. You can see more details about the original release HERE. The tote bag we saw at Disney Springs was actually the large tote aka the Annual Passholder Large tote.

The confusion comes in because no one knew that large tote was not the small tote. It wasn’t listed as the AP bag and people didn’t appear to pay any attention to the fact that the bag was $288, not $248 like the website said.

The tote has completely disappeared from the page and the only tote listed on the Shop Disney Parks App is now listed as in store purchase only. 

We do know that the tote bags had different SKU numbers and different dimensions listed. The problem is that no one has seen the small tote in person. The dimensions online have been inaccurate before so are there really 2 sized totes? We can’t know for sure. Doesn’t seem to matter because the small tote has disappeared.

The AP bag is large, costs $288 and does not come with a hangtag. At this point, if you got one of these bags without having an AP before today, you lucked out. Congrats! As of now you must present your AP and it is one per passholder.

There are no hangtags for this bag at this moment but, when speaking to cast members, I was reminded of the snafu with the Walk in the Park Dooney and Bourke. The hangtags did not come in at the same time as the bags and they sent them to people who bought the bag with out it. They had a head’s up of this info before the bag was released then. This time nothing has been said. So there is most likely no hangtag at all…. at least that’s how it appears.

I don’t know if this clears it up for you because I can’t even be sure it has been cleared up for me BUT I can tell you that the large tote is the AP Dooney and Bourke bag for this print (which has 2 different names at the Park vs the shopdisney site… Ear Hat I Am and I am Earhat). Of that we are sure. We also know the AP bags will only be exclusive to AP holders until 12/15 or while supplies last. At that point it will be made open to the rest of the fashionistas (which doesn’t really seem to make it all that exclusive).

Did this help at all? Let us know your thoughts in the comment box below!



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