Smile For the New Lip Smacker Disney Emoji Character Lip Balms

Lip Smacker Disney Emoji lip balms

Hold on to your lip balms fashionistas, Lip Smacker has done it again, with new Disney themed lip balms! This time we’re flipping for the Disney Emoji Character lip balms! These new balms have a fun little magic trick to show off too!

The character figure on the top of these balms are double sided! That means when you flip them over, their Emoji expression will change, tada! So maybe it’s not real magic, but it is quite Magical to show off your mood with your lip balm. There are four characters to choose from, and they are available at target now!

Mickey has a charming smile on this “Ice Cream Bar” flavored balm, but turn him over and his eyes go bright with starbursts!

Minnie Mouse is just lovely, with her adoring heart eyes expression. If you turn over this Strawberry “Le-bow-made” flavored diva, she’ll give you a wink.

You don’t have to worry about this sweet Cinderella balm disappearing at midnight. She’s a “Bibbity Bobbity Berry” delight, who will cheer you up with her happy eyes closed expression when you turn her over.

You can be the belle of the ball, with the “Last Rose Petal” flavored Belle Emoji lip balm. She goes from a charming smile, to adoring heart eyes with a simple twist of the figure! I love how she even has little earrings!

These expression filled Lip Smacker Disney Emoji lip balms can be found at Target stores while supplies last. They will also be making their online debut on the Lip Smacker website next year.

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