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Loki Inspired Mickey Ears For All Your Mischievous Adventures

These Loki inspired Mickey ears are perfect for all your mischievous adventures! From exploring the Disney Parks to enjoying Marvel Day at Sea on a Disney Cruise, these ears are just the thing you need to complete your look.

Loki is definitely one of my favorite Marvel characters. I like that his character has a lot of depth and you never quite know what he is thinking. You know that Captain America will always do the right thing, Iron Man will always have some brilliant plan, and Hulk will smash things. But with Loki, you are kept a bit more on your toes, and I really like that. If you like to keep people guessing what you’re thinking, these Loki ears are perfect for you.

Not only are these ears a fabulous and fashionable representation of Loki, but they have a secret. They light up!

The fabric of these ears is a velvet emerald green with gold sequins and lights around the ears. The lights also go around the inside of the crown so you will light up the night wherever you wear them. To finish the look, there is a Celtic knot band at the base of the crown, woven with thorns and twigs to emphasize the Norse Mythology that Loki stems from.

These Loki inspired Mickey ears are perfect for your next Marvel Disneybound. Head over to JustaNeedleNThread on Etsy HERE to get them for yourself!

These are perfect to wear on a Marvel Day at Sea Cruise! Are you thinking of planning a Disney Cruise? Make sure to check out Small World Vacations HERE, the official travel agency of Disney Fashionista!

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