Look Shining, Shimmering, Splendid In These Rose Gold Mickey Inspired Earrings

If you want to sparkle and shine on your next Disney vacation, look no further than these Rose Gold Mickey Inspired Earrings. They are the perfect touch of glam for any Disney Parks day! Whether you are going all out with a fabulous rose-gold Disneybound look, or keep things casual with shorts and a tank top, these earrings are the perfect little Disney accessory.

These rose gold earrings are double layered and come in a teardrop shape. The bottom layer is a sparkly rose gold and the top layer is faux rose gold leather. Put them together and they make the cutest combination! Not only are these earrings great for wearing to the parks, but I would wear them pretty much any chance I got! After all, we all love adding that touch of Disney to our everyday looks and outfits.

The earring hooks themselves are allergen-free, nickel-free 18K gold. That means you will be able to wear these earrings all day without that dreaded ear-pain that can come with wearing earrings.

Rose gold is such a pretty color and it’s one of those shades that will take you all the way from spring to fall without hesitation! I just love an accessory that works all year ’round, don’t you? If you are loving these Rose Gold Mickey Inspired Earrings (and how could you not?!), head over to DesperateDesignEars on Etsy HERE to pick up a pair for just $12.00.

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Monica V