Mickey and Minnie Pumpkin Cup Cozies Are Here to Welcome in Fall

Fall is here and it’s time for all the hot beverages! These Mickey and Minnie Pumpkin Cup Cozies are perfect for showing off your Disney pride while you enjoy that morning pick-me-up. This morning I had my first Caramel Apple Cider of the season! And was did it taste like fall! All that was missing was a cup cozy to make it the perfect drink.

Now that the seasons have changed, it has been harder and harder to get out of bed in the morning. For one thing, it’s now dark when I wake up. For another thing, as the weather cools down (I’m in Michigan – it’s already cooling down), my bed is just that much warmer and cozier in the mornings. And finally, why would I want to get up and go to work when I could stay in bed and watch Disney movies all day? But, the reality is that seasons change and life moves on and sometimes you just have to drag yourself out of bed.

To make those difficult mornings a little more bearable, why not add one of these Mickey and Minnie Pumpkin Cup Cozies to your morning drink? That way, you’ll get a kick of caffeine, Disney magic, and fall fabulous-ness all in one go!

If you’re head to add some magic to your mornings (or afternoons, or anytime!), head over to BeansShack on Etsy HERE to get your own cup cozy. Each item is only $8.00 so you’ll still have cash left over for that Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks.

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Monica V